Writing Contests from Writer’s Digest

Writing Contests from Writer’s Digest

Brenda and I have read Writer’s Digest for years and highly recommend their competition. Since this email came through with a list of their upcoming contests, we wanted to share it.

Writer's Digest Competitions:

You enter. You win. You brag. And you earned it…but what does it really GET you?

Science Fiction/Fantasy | Thriller | Crime | Young Adult | Romance | Horror

Win one of our genre competitions and get a professional critique of your work. Get a pro’s take on what works, what doesn’t and how to fix it. Get a high-level review of the strengths and weaknesses of your writing. Get an impressive addition to your resume. And, of course, get the money and the bragging rights.

When you win, you’re good.

When you win with Writer’s Digest, you get even better.

Writer's Digest Crime Competition A bank robbery. A theft. A murder. We’ll start you off with this clue: The deadline is October 22, 2011!Enter Now
Romance Please…we ache for your entries. Don’t be cold-hearted. Enter by October 15, 2011!Enter Now
Thriller/Suspense Whodunnit? Don’t keep us in suspense! YOU do it…by September 15, 2011.Enter Now
What does the future hold? Colonized planets, maybe. Apocalypse? Perhaps time travel. You decide.
Enter by September 15, 2011.
Harry Potter. Twilight. The Hunger Games. The popularity of Young Adult fiction has everlasting life! Sink your teeth into it!
Enter by October 1, 2011!
Just like the barely-audible shuffles of a zombie, the deadline’s far-off … but it’s coming.
The UnDeadline: October 31, 2011
Enter Now Enter Now Enter Now

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2 Responsesto “Writing Contests from Writer’s Digest”

  1. Brenda hill says:

    Maralyn is right. This contest, and others, are well worth the
    efforts to enter. We have both won contest awards. You never
    know where the results will lead.

  2. Maralyn says:

    You are right Brenda. It has made a difference for both of us throughout our careers. Being judged and picked by peers and “experts,” maes the path smoother.

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