Review: Escapes, Music for Relaxing by Jeff Gold

Review: Escapes, Music for Relaxing by Jeff Gold


Usually, I’ve not reviewed music, even though I enjoy good music tremendously. However, since I do talk about marketing, Jeff is marketing. What better way than to ask for a review!

About a month ago I received Jeff Gold’s CD Escapes. I love it.

When I’m not travelling, I tend to be at the computer writing. Normally, I sit there for too many hours and have been known to get somewhat stressed. I’ve had this CD playing in the background and it’s wonderful.

I’ve tried to figure out which of the 15 songs  I like the best. So far, I’m still trying, as they are all unique and calming.

Jeff says his CD is, “One hour of soothing instrumental music to uplift and revive you. As refreshing as a long walk along a perfect beach, ‘Escapes’ is the ideal tempo and rhythm for creative inspiration, massage, yoga, scenic drives or just winding down.”

I personally like it to clear my mind before I go to sleep or when dealing with jet-lag, which is frequent in my case.

CityRoom, JustLuxe, Big Blend, Spa Review Magazine, Global Writes

Finalist in the Writing and Publishing category of the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, “$uccess, Your Path to a Successful Book,”

5 Responsesto “Review: Escapes, Music for Relaxing by Jeff Gold”

  1. Brenda hill says:

    I usually prefer a quiet walk, but I think Escapes sounds
    like the ideal companion on our long meditative nature hikes
    at Rancho La Puerta.

  2. Maralyn says:

    Thanks Brenda. It is nice an soothing. The Ranch would be an ideal place.

  3. Jeff Gold says:

    Thank you for the kind words Maralyn! I’m so glad you are enjoying “Escapes” and finding it so relaxing….

    Your readers can get a special 20% discount on any of my CD’s (or downloads) by entering the code “success” (no quotes) in the textbox on the checkout page at

    Please feel free to stop by and listen to a few songs while you are there…..

    Thanks again Maralyn!


  4. Maralyn says:

    Thanks for the generous offer Jeff. It will be great for readers to be able to listen to a song or two before they purchase and get the discount.

  5. Maralyn says:

    Thanks for the ping back .


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