SLOG-Journaling 4-Excerpt from Success

SLOG-Journaling 4-Excerpt from Success

We are getting close to the end of what we have to say on journaling. We’ve one more after this. This excerpt is from, “Success, Your Path to a Successful Book,” by Maralyn D. Hill and Brenda C. Hill.


Getting started is not as difficult as you think. We found keeping a journal, paper, or tape recorder by the bedside works best for us:

Go to a quiet private place.

Take paper and pen, a laptop or tape recorder.

Begin to write or type-anything-one word is fine.

By starting a dream journal, you will get in the habit of giving yourself 10 minutes as soon as you awaken. Dreams frequently make sense after a while and can help you access your subconscious.

Start a blog if that will force you into a routine. See Julie & Julia, a blog by Julie Powell.

Where can it lead?

Journal writing can lead back to clear thinking, back to your authentic self. And, it can take you forward to open new doors. It can lead to an article, a book to publish, or simply one to leave for your grandchildren. It can lead you into a marriage or out of a bad one. Journaling can take you to a joyful or painful place. At the very least, it will be new and different–a journey.

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