SLOG – Editing 3

SLOG – Editing 3

Excerpt from, Success, Your Path to a Successful Business
by Maralyn D. Hill and Brenda C. Hill.
We touched on the importance of editing. Use the lifesaver technique. But, you’re not done. No matter how good you are, when you read it out loud, you will find things you’ve missed. We are repeating a tip mentioned in Chapter 1. It is important:

One of the most valuable tools we have learned is to read aloud to a friend, or… at least, yourself, before you finish your last draft. Do this before you read aloud to a writing group.

Lou Willet Stanek, Ph.D., author of So You Want to Write a Novel, taught us this valuable editing truth a decade ago… “THE EAR CAN HEAR WHAT THE EYE CANNOT SEE.”

This read aloud exercise and the lifesaver trick will help you follow George Orwell’s advice, “When you can cut a word, cut it.” Reading aloud also helps to hear sound, rhythm, tone and your authentic voice.

We learned to write tighter by rewriting and reading aloud as many times as it takes.

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